Domenico Colanzi was born at Archi (Chieti) in 1944.
He took his Certificate of Secondare Education at the art of Chieti and then qualified as an art teacher.
He has been living and working in Cologno Monzese (Milano) for many years.
His works are to be found with collectors in Italy and abroad.
He has partecipaded in national and international exibitions.
Creating movement through emptiness and fullness, looking for armony.
Domenico Colanzi
There’s a keen and evocative cultural and stylistic research in the organic production of Domenico Colanzi, which unravel along the thread of time and existence in his drawing, in his painting, in a kind of reasoned and creative climax which has its highest tension point in the sculpture.
Therefore three elements: drawing, painting and sculpture which are closely and stucturally connected in generating their perceivable model development.
In particular, it’s remarkable the very term model which could sound pleonastic in relation to sculpture but actually it’s not at all, in an historical context where sculpture is loosing its most foundational and pertaining features.
From this historical and cultural awareness Domenico Colanzi’s solid expressive proposal deploys, his farsighted aesthetic and ideal synthesis.
Teodosio Martucci

Art exhibitions

  • Artexpo New York (U.S.A)
  • Art Basel (Switzerland)
  • Lineart Gent' (Belgium)
  • Shanghai Art Fair (China)
  • Art&style Galleries
  • Montreal (Canada)
  • Art Jonction Cannes (France)
  • Europ 'Art. Genève (Switzerland)
  • Classic Kortrijk (Belgium)
  • International Contemporary Art London (Great Britain)
  • International Art Cologne (Germany)
  • Art Hamburt (Germany)
  • Salon de l'Art Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  • Art Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Oslo Art Fair (Norway)
  • Stockolm Art Fair (Sweden)
  • Pure Vigo Art (Spain)
  • Palace of Fine Arts and Permanent Exhibition, Milan Art (Italy)
  • KunStart, Bolzano (Italy)
  • Expo Arte, Bari (Italy)
  • Altissima Torino (Italy)
  • Arengario Civic Museum, Monza (Italy)
  • Internazionale D'Arte Contemporanea, Milan (Italy)
  • International Exhibition Verona (Italy)